The Ilwaco Fire Department, located in Ilwaco, WA, provides fire protection and emergency response services to the Ilwaco, Washington community.

The Fire Department’s mission is to prevent the loss of life and property.

In addition to responding to fires, the Ilwaco Fire Department also responds to medical emergencies, motor vehicle accidents, rescue calls, and incidents involving hazardous materials.

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At the Ilwaco (WA) Fire Department we are proud to say we make community outreach a major priority. In fact, in our department we make it a focus to do outreach in our community any way we can.

When most citizens think of their fire department, they literally think the only thing that we do is fight fires, and if they don’t see a story in the paper or a segment on the news about a house fire, they think we are not doing anything.

Fighting fire is just a small part of what we do. We wear a vast number of hats to help mitigate the emergency situations to which we respond beyond structural firefighting.

We study fire behavior, fire investigation, vehicle extrication, hazardous materials, apparatus orientation, etc. We also do a class for citizens to learn CPR and become first aid certified.

We meet every week at the firehouse, and this allows for the citizens to be able to meet all of our volunteers.

Sparky the Fire Dog is active in our community, helping kids become fire safe and learn what to do when they smell smoke. Enjoy our page on Sparky for more information.

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We engage in training at the station four times a month and also send members of our crew to specific fire training in other locations.

We offer training in CPR, Fire Safety, and Fire Science to our community. Some classes are at the station while others can be read and downloaded online.

“At the April 19th PCFD1 Commissioners meeting, IFD was gifted a used surplus Ambulance! Today IFD welcomed the unit to our fleet! Thank you!”

– we work closely with neighboring agencies

“The Ilwaco Fire Department cannot provide enough gratitude for these wonderful people! Thank you so much for all your time and efforts!”

– shout out to peninsula rotary and friends, who served more than 150 hours to finish a punch list that didn’t get completed when the fire hall was rebuilt a few years back.

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We offer self-inspection support for both homes and businesses.  Get yours now and improve the fire safety of the places you –and your family–spend time.