Who we serve

While our primary focus is the City of Ilwaco, our community extends North, South, and East to include all of south Pacific County through cooperative agreements with other area departments. We extend our services as we are able outside the city limits, such as through the downloadable activities found here.

Services we provide

Station Activities

There’s almost always something going on at the fire hall!  We’re finishing up construction projects and readying for our Halloween Haunted Station activities now.  GO >> Click for our annual calendar.

Safety Self-Inspection

Whether your concern is a business or private home, we have inspection help to ensure fire safety. GO >>

Fire Prevention

Part of our Safety Series, fire prevention is important to keeping your home and property safe.  GO >>

Community Assessment

Ocean Beach Hospital is asking you to take a survey to define the needs in our community.   GO >> Click for our annual calendar.

Smoke Detectors

We offer free smoke detectors to members of our community.  These life-saving devices are essential for every home.   GO >> Click for our annual calendar.

CPR Training

Get CPR certified. You could save a life by simply knowing what to do when an emergency happens.  GO >>


Visit us on Facebook for the latest happenings and be sure to check out our Station Activities.  Go >>

Hydrant Flushing

Ilwaco city hydrants are flushed annually, Here is the schedule:   GO >>